The Subtle Art of... Saving your Down Payment

Monday Apr 09th, 2018


A Budget Tells us what we can afford but it doesn't keep us from buying it...William Feather  We all budget at some point in our life. Whether it be to save up for a vacation, buy a new car, a new dress or simply to give ourselves healthier spending habits. Regardless of your purpose for budgeting to save  it is important that we understand how our budgets and saving work, in the case of this post I am going to take you through the journey I took to... [read more]

3 Things to Know Before Purchasing Pre-Construction

Friday Feb 09th, 2018


I have sold quite a few Pre-Construction Units throughout my Real Estate Career, and each time questions arise, some I have an instant answer to and others I navigate through the process with the lawyers to gain better understanding of  in order to also educate my client.  I love when my clients ask questions, and their questions have lead me to go over just a few of the Must Knows before you buy Pre-Constructuon. Pre-Construction Condo and Town House Purchases have been... [read more]

On Her Own.. 5 Tips on Buying Solo

Tuesday Jan 09th, 2018


Even as a Real Estate Agent , I must say that purchasing my first Home last year was nerve racking, from submitting my offer, negotiating my deal to simply accepting the idea that life wasn't the fairy tale I had imagined. At 28 I was single with no children and was about to take a huge step in my life. Doubts,Worry and Fear definitely took the best of me for awhile. I always thought i'd be doing this with a boyfriend, fiance or ill go for the stretch maybe... [read more]

Preparing for Change... Selling your Parents Home

Tuesday Jan 02nd, 2018


  At 28, I can for most part say that my parents are proud of my achievements...well atleast I hope they are lol, As I got older  nature took its course so the older my parents got as well.  although both of my parents are healthy, active and enjoying life, I could tell that it was time for them to downsize. From the lawn maintenance, to bills to the accumulation of items not being used, I could tell it was time for some changes.... [read more]